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Camden, New Jersey [†], is a post-industrial waterfront city across the Delaware River from the City of Philadelphia. Camden is essentially a peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides. The city is home to Subaru's North American headquarters. Liberty Property Trust, a real estate investment trust, made a one-billion dollar investment in Camden in the less than a decade ago.

The city is 10.3 square miles with a 2015 population of 76,119 (approximately 7,479 persons per square mile). Approximately 14 percent of the city’s land area is water; water bodies include the Delaware River, the New Jersey Channel (also referred to as the Delaware River Backchannel, a navigable channel of the Delaware River), the Cooper River, and the Newton Creek (both its Main Branch and Tributary).

The Delaware River Basin is a significant natural resource and economic engine, providing drinking water to more than 15 million people, including New York City and Philadelphia. Much of the City of Camden’s identity and future are tied to the Delaware River waterfront. Along the waterfront are thriving residential neighborhoods, redevelopment opportunities, tourist attractions, natural areas and a trail network, and large port and industrial facilities.

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